2011 Legislative Committees


Agriculture and Natural Resources (4-3)

Gail Schwartz, chair (D-Snowmass Village), Cheri Jahn, vice chair (D-Wheat Ridge), Greg Brophy, ranking member (R-Wray), Angela Giron (D-Pueblo), Lucia Guzman (D-Denver), Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch), Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City)

Appropriations (6-4)

Pat Steadman, chair (D-Denver), Mary Hodge, vice chair (D-Brighton), Bob Bacon (D-Fort Collins), Angela Giron (D-Pueblo), Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City), Ted Harvey, ranking member (R-Highlands Ranch), Rollie Heath (D-Boulder), Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs), Jeanne Nicholson (D-Blackhawk), Keith King (R-Colorado Springs)

Business Affairs, Labor, and Technology (4-3)

Lois Tochtrop, chair (D-Thornton), Irene Aguilar, vice chair (D-Denver), Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch), Cheri Jahn (D-Wheat Ridge), Ted Harvey Ranking Member (R- Highlands Ranch)  Shawn Mitchell (R-Broomfield), Jean White (R-Hayden), Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora)

Education (5-3)

Bob Bacon, chair (D-Fort Collins), Evie Hudak, vice chair (D-Westminster), Rollie Heath (D-Boulder), Mike Johnston (D-Denver), Keith King (R-Colorado Springs), Jeanne Nicholson (D-Blackhawk), Scott Renfroe (R-Greeley), Nancy Spence, ranking member (R-Centennial)

Finance (4-3)

Mike Johnston, chair (D-Denver), Angela Giron, vice chair (D-Pueblo), Greg Brophy (R-Wray), Lucia Guzman (D-Denver), Cheri Jahn (D-Wheat Ridge), Keith King, ranking member (R-Colorado Springs), Mark Scheffel (R-Parker)

Health and Human Services (5-4)

Betty Boyd, chair (D-Lakewood), Linda Newell, vice chair (D-Centennial), Irene Aguilar (D-Denver), Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora), Joyce Foster (D-Denver), Jean White (R- Hayden), Kevin Lundberg (R-Berthoud), Shawn Mitchell, ranking member (R-Broomfield), Ellen Roberts (R-Durango)

Judiciary (5-4)

Morgan Carroll, chair (D-Aurora), Lucia Guzman, vice chair (D-Denver), Angela Giron (D-Pueblo), Steve King (R-Grand Junction), Kevin Lundberg, ranking member (R-Berthoud), Linda Newell (D-Centennial), Jeanne Nicholson (D-Blackhawk), Ellen Roberts (R-Durango), Mark Scheffel (R-Parker)

Local Government and Energy (3-2)

Joyce Foster, chair (D-Denver), Jeanne Nicholson, vice chair (D-Blackhawk), Irene Aguilar (D-Denver), Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs), Ellen Roberts, ranking member (R-Durango)

State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (3-2)
Rollie Heath, chair (D-Boulder), Bob Bacon, vice chair (D-Fort Collins), Betty Boyd (D-Lakewood), Bill Cadman, ranking member (R-Colorado Springs), Kevin Grantham (R-Canon City)

Transportation (4-3)

Suzanne Williams, chair (D-Aurora), Evie Hudak, vice chair (D-Westminster), Steve King (R-Grand Junction), Scott Renfroe, ranking member (R-Greeley), Gail Schwartz (D-Snowmass Village), Nancy Spence (R-Centennial), Lois Tochtrop (D-Thornton)


Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources (7-6)

Jerry Sonnenberg, chair (R-Sterling), Randy Baumgardner, vice chair (R-Hot Sulphur Springs), J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio), Don Coram (R-Montrose), Randy Fischer, ranking member (D-Fort Collins), Matt Jones (D-Louisville), Marsha Looper (R-Calhan), Wes McKinley (D-Walsh), Su Ryden (D-Aurora), Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), Glenn Vaad (R-Mead), Ed Vigil (D-Fort Garland), Roger Wilson (D-Glenwood Springs)

Appropriations (7-6)

Cheri Gerou, chair (R-Evergreen), Jon Becker, vice chair (R-Fort Morgan), Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland), Mark Ferrandino, ranking member (D-Denver), Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs), Dickey Lee Hullinghorst (D-Boulder), Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood), Marsha Looper (R-Calhan), Dan Pabon (D-Denver), Jim Riesberg (D-Greeley), Judy Solano (D-Thornton), Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling), Glenn Vaad (R-Mead)

Economic and Business Development (7-6)

Larry Liston, chair (R-Colorado Springs), Spencer Swalm, vice chair (D-Centennial), David Balmer (R-Centennial), Deb Gardner (D-Boulder), Chris Holbert (R-Parker), Joe Miklosi (D-Denver), Kevin Priola (R-Henderson), John Soper, ranking member (D-Thornton), Keith Swerdfeger (R-Pueblo West), Libby Szabo (R-Arvada), Max Tyler (D-Golden), Angela Williams (D-Denver), Roger Wilson (D-Glenwood Springs)

Education (7-6)

Tom Massey, chair (R-Poncha Springs), Don Beezley, vice chair (R-Broomfield), Millie Hamner (D-Frisco), Chris Holbert (R-Parker), Janak Joshi (R-Colorado Springs), Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood), Carole Murray (R-Castle Rock), Cherilyn Peniston (D-Westminster), Robert Ramirez (D-Westminster), Sue Schafer (D-Wheat Ridge), Judy Solano, ranking member (D-Thornton), Ken Summers (R-Lakewood), Nancy Todd (D-Aurora)

Finance (7-6)

Brian DelGrosso, chair (R-Loveland), Keith Swerdfeger, vice chair (R-Pueblo West), Cindy Acree (R-Aurora), Don Beezley (R-Broomfield), Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton), Chrisanta Duran (D-Denver), Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, ranking member (D-Boulder), Janak Joshi (R-Colorado Springs), Daniel Kagan (D-Denver), John Kefalas (D-Fort Collins), Jeanne Labuda (D-Denver), Dan Pabon (D-Denver), Spencer Swalm (R-Centennial)

Health and Human Services (7-6)

Ken Summers, chair (R-Lakewood), Cindy Acree, vice chair (R-Aurora), Laura Bradford (R-Colbran), J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio), Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora), Janak Joshi (R-Colorado Springs), John Kefalas (D-Fort Collins), Jim Kerr (R-Littleton), Tom Massey (R-Poncha Springs), Beth McCann (D-Denver), Cherilyn Peniston (D-Westminster), Jim Riesberg, ranking member (D-Greeley), Sue Schafer (D-Wheat Ridge)

Judiciary (6-5)

Bob Gardner, chair (R-Colorado Springs), Mark Barker, vice chair (R-Colorado Springs), Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland), Chrisanta Duran (D-Denver), Daniel Kagan (D-Denver), Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs), Claire Levy, ranking member (D-Boulder), B.J. Nikkel (R-Loveland), Su Ryden (D-Aurora), Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling), Mark Waller (R-Colorado Springs)

Local Government (6-5)

Laura Bradford, chair (R-Colbran), Libby Szabo, vice chair (R-Arvada), David Balmer (R-Centennial), Ed Casso, ranking member (D-Commerce City), Kathleen Conti (R-Littleton), Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora), Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs), Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs), Beth McCann (D-Denver), John Soper (D-Thornton), Keith Swerdfeger (R-Pueblo West)

State, Veterans, and Military Affairs (5-4)
Jim Kerr, chair (R-Littleton),  Don Coram, vice chair (R-Montrose), Randy Baumgardner (R-Hot Sulphur Springs), Lois Court (D-Denver), Larry Liston (R-Colorado Springs), Claire Levy (D-Boulder), Joe Miklosi (D-Denver), Nancy Todd, ranking member (D-Aurora), Mark Waller (R-Colorado Springs)

Transportation and Energy (7-6)

Glenn Vaad, chair (R-Mead), Marsha Looper, vice chair (R-Calhan), Mark Barker (R-Colorado Springs), J. Paul Brown (R-Ignacio), Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins), Deb Gardner (D-Boulder),  Millie Hamner (D-Frisco), Matt Jones (D-Louisville), Kevin Priola (R-Brighton), Robert Ramirez (R-Westminster), Ray Scott (R-Grand Junction), Max Tyler, ranking member (D-Golden), Angela Williams (D-Denver)

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