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Legacy and Estate Planning Workshop for Families

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
3:30 to 9 p.m.
Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
25690 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora, CO

Hosted by CSU Extension-Arapahoe County

How do you pass on the legacy that was your life? 

How can you help your family carry on
after you are no longer with them?

Learn how to organize your legacy:
• Transferring personal possessions of emotional value
• Passing on family traditions, history and beliefs
• Communicating final instructions and last wishes
• Estate planning for financial assets, real estate and debt

Register here for this exciting and interactive workshop by Dec. 3.


Alert: Speak Out for Private Property

The Governor’s River Access Dispute Resolution Task Force will meet again on Wednesday, October 13 at the Glenwood Springs Recreation Center, 100 Wulfsohn Rd., in Glenwood Springs.  The meeting will be held from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., with hours from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. reserved for public input.

This is a chance for Farm Bureau members to make their voice heard regarding rafting, private property rights and that these disputes should be settled at the local level.

The Task Force was created for the purpose of crafting a dispute-resolution process to resolve future conflicts between river users and private landowners on Colorado waterways.  If you are unable to make this task force meeting, written input/comments may be provided by email at

Colorado Farm Bureau Disappointed in River Access Taskforce Appointees

The Colorado Farm Bureau is extremely disappointed in the make-up of Governor Ritter’s River Access Dispute Resolution Taskforce. A cursory level of research shows that the political orientation of the task force appointees is clearly one-sided, with one of the Governor’s appointees a signatory of an online “9-11 Truth” petition and many more being directly involved in rafting, outfitting and recreational related enterprises.

“In addition to the Governor making some questionable appointments to this taskforce, I am most disappointed that he clearly and purposely chose to alienate the organization whose members stand to potentially lose the most from this process. The Colorado Farm Bureau represents a large majority of riverfront landowners in Colorado, but our nominees to the task force are absent from the list of voting appointees,” said Alan Foutz, President of Colorado Farm Bureau. “It is disappointing that one of the organizations that was most engaged in the debate surrounding HB- 1188 is excluded from this process.”

In addition to a lack of diversity in political philosophy and vocation, the Governors list is also lacking members who live and work on the land of Colorado’s Western Slope.

“Over half of the members of the taskforce reside in Front Range communities. It is apparent that the Governor is not serious about creating an equitable process that will yield fair and workable results for all parties involved. It shows his lack of seriousness about the issue,” continued Foutz.

The task force is scheduled to hold several meetings over the next year to develop a process by which disputes over river access can be mediated on a stretch by stretch basis. The taskforce will provide a final report with recommendations for the Governor and Legislature by Dec. 31

Complete Federal Land Grab Document Released

The BLM wants to declare federal lands the size of Colorado and Wyoming combined, as off limits to multiple use.

Congressman Rob Bishop, the gentleman from Utah who kindly provided Americans with the documents that showed the Obama administration was planning another federal land-grab, has come through again. (The Pulse covered the original leaked document extensively. Read the original story here.)

Bishop’s office has release the entire BLM document titled “Treasured Landscapes” of which only pages were released a few months ago. It lays out what some consider a sweeping and detailed plan for changing the way the federal government manages land over the next 25 years.

The document lays out a sea change in the way the federal government manages land. It proposed that rather than manage individual plots of land, regardless of size, the government should consider managing entire “landscapes, ecosystems, airsheds and watersheds.”

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NY Times Examines Right to Trespass

Mark Schumacher (left) is the rafter behind HB 1188. Lee Spann, a rancher, fears the consequences of the measure to property rights and fishing interests.

Until recently, an uneasy truce existed between rafters and landowners. But that truce quickly disintegrated this year over a bill introduced in the legislature that would bolster rafters’ rights to float through private property.

(Image: New York Times)

News Roundup- HB 1188

This week, the Wall Street Journal took a look at HB 1188 and lawmakers held firm despite allegations of extortion attempts by rafting interests.

Critics question rafter’s motives after land, money talk
Denver Post, Jessica Fender
Landowners have questioned the motives of a river rafter at the heart of a legislative fight over access to Colorado waterways after he named in private negotiations his price – $750,000 and a fancy lot – to stay off a stretch of the Taylor River.

Lawmakers object to proposed rafting settlement
AP, Steven Paulson
Talks between a Taylor River landowner and a rafting company won’t affect legislation defining the rights of rafting firms to use private Colorado waterways, a state lawmaker said Wednesday.

In This Political Battle, a River Runs Through It
Wall Street Journal, Stephanie Simon
In a clash that some lawmakers have dubbed “Row v. Wade,” rafters and anglers are squaring off over rights to prized Colorado waterways. The debate has spilled into the state legislature and inspired at least 24 citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives.

(Image: Charlie Brewer)

Farm Bureau Talks HB 1188 on Rocky Mountain PBS

On Wednesday evening, Colorado Farm Bureau EVP Troy Bredenkamp and Terry Fankhauser of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Assn. appeared on the PBS show Studio 12, to talk about the Right to Trespass bill.

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