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CFB ALERT – Support Ag Sales Tax Exemption

This week the Colorado House of Representatives will consider HB 1005.

HB 1005 repeals  HB 1195, signed into law in 2010, which suspended the exemption on state sales and use taxes imposed on certain items, Ag compounds and pesticides, used in agricultural production from the period March 1, 2010, through June 30, 2013.

Repeal of HB 1195 will bring much needed tax relief to Colorado’s farmers and ranchers.  Please call your House member today and urge them to support HB 1005.  If HB 1005 is not signed into law, then Colorado farmers and ranchers will be stuck paying sales tax for their inputs, which will put them at a disadvantage to surrounding states.

Your members phone number can be found here.


Washington Recap

The U.S. Senate passed a three-week spending measure on Thursday to keep the government running through April 8. This measure contained about $6 billion in cuts to the federal budget.

The House Committee on Agriculture, House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Energy and Commerce Committee all held hearing looking at the impact of EPA regulations and restrictions on energy production.  These hearings brought great scrutiny on EPA.  Since the beginning of the 112th Congress EPA has continually been on the oversight hotseat.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee also held hearings on energy production.  They looked specifically at the impact the recent Deepwater Horizon blowout.  This blowout is being used by the administration to block new drilling permits.


State Legislative Update

HB 1123 prohibits financial transfers from severance related funds unto the general fund. This bill has successfully passed the House and will head to the Senate State Affairs Committee. It is being sponsored by Rep. Coram and Sen. Roberts. CFB is supportive.

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Another Short Term Extension for the Federal Government

Ove the past few weeks you have seen information regarding the federal budget, CR’s and what is likely to happen.  With the last CR extension about to run out last Friday, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) introduced H.J. Res. 48, a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government for an additional three weeks, until April 8.  The current CR expires on Mar. 18.  The bill will be on the House floor this week.

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State Legislative update

Bills moving forward….. as we are getting to the half way point of the Colorado 2011 Legislative Session. To date there has been 273 House Bills and 185 Senate Bills plus a handful of Resolutions introduced. That is about 80 or so bills less than there was at this time last session. Many would credit this to a Republican House and Democrat Senate, the split makes it more difficult for controversial measure to move forward.

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House Ag Committee Hearings

Today I received the follow notice for hearing to be held by the House Agriculutre Committee.

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture announced the following committee schedule.

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EPA Announces SPCC Workshops

The past couple weeks I have received calls from CFB members about EPA’s SPCC program.  This program is aimed at reducing oil spills and controlling them if they do happen.  Depending on how much oil and oil products you store on your farm, this regulations may affect you directly.

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