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The Weekly Links

Dairy industry ready to surge
Northern Colorado Business Report
To supply the new Leprino Foods plant soon to open in Greeley, Tom Haren, owner of Longmont-based AGPROfessionals LLC, said the number of dairy cows in the state will need to almost double.

New report shows even clean energy projects are dying in regulatory nightmares
The Daily Caller
While the administration has repeatedly pushed for the development of a renewable energy industry, its regulatory process is strangling clean energy projects before they even get off the ground.

The Foodie Takeover of Environmentalism
The American
In recent years, the locavore, foodie lifestyle has transmogrified from what it obviously is—a luxury—into a quasi-spiritual ideology resembling late-stage environmentalism.

U.S. Property Rights Protections Continue to Decline
National Center for Policy Analysis
According to the 2011 International Property Rights Index, overall the United States declined to 18th place in the world (from 16th in 2010 and 14th in 2007), losing out to top-ranked Finland.


The Weekly Links

Bill Clinton: Drilling delays ‘ridiculous’
Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that delays in offshore oil and gas drilling permits are “ridiculous” at a time when the economy is still rebuilding, according to attendees at the IHS CERAWeek conference.

Last American WWI Veteran To Be Honored at Arlington
U.S. Army Corporal Frank Buckles, the last American veteran of World War I, will be memorialized and then interred at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday, March 15th.

EPA, Enviro Groups May Reach Settlement
EPA and two environmental groups may be negotiating a settlement on a lawsuit alleging EPA violated the Endangered Species Act by not consulting federal wildlife officials about the potential effects that registered pesticides and other agriculture chemicals would have on hundreds of species.

PepsiCo Produces Bottle Using All-Plant Materials
NACS Online
PepsiCo Inc. has unveiled a bottle made entirely of plant material, including switchgrass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials.

The Weekly Links

Mexico outlines details of cross-border trucking pact
Mexican officials are revealing details of a recently-announced agreement that ends a 16-year trucking dispute between Mexico and the United States.

Vilsack: ‘I took it as a slam on rural America’
Washington Post
Ag Sec. Tom Vilsack give a very peculiar interview about rural America.

New report shows even clean energy projects are dying in regulatory nightmares
The Daily Caller
The regulatory process is strangling clean energy projects before they even get off the ground, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “Project No Project” initiative.

Can we water the Front Range without draining the High Country?
Summit Daily News
Environmental Coalition released a report Tuesday that claims “Colorado can chart a new innovative path forward that protects our rivers, streams and local communities.”

President Obama lists biofuels as part of a comprehensive energy strategy
President Obama says the answer is developing a comprehensive energy strategy that includes “a broad array of clean energy sources – from renewables like wind and solar and homegrown biofuels,


The Weekly Links

Is U.S. Manufacturing Dead?
Wall Street Journal
Is American manufacturing dead? You might think so reading most of the nation’s editorial pages, yet the empirical evidence tells a different story.

McDonald’s backing Iowa research on hen housing
DesMoines Register
Laying hen housing systems are about to become the subject of a study backed by the food and restaurant industries.

Western governors fume over Obama/Salazar land plan
Anchorage Daily News
In the West, governors are riled about the possibility that more federal land could be designated as wilderness


The Weekly Links

Panel rules against homeowner who said fracking fouled well
The Denver Post

The controversial oil-industry technique known as fracking went on trial at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission on Tuesday — and fracking won.

Colorado Humane Lobby Day 2011
Does the First Baptist Church of Denver know it hosted a lobbying event for HSUS?

National FFA gets boost from Monsanto
A $1 million dollar investment by St. Louis based Monsanto Company will be used to help support 14 National FFA Programs in 2011.

The Weekly Links

Rural Post Offices Put on Notice
USA Today
The U.S. Postal Service plans to close 2,000 post offices.

Food Chain: Do Spiking Food Prices Warn of Generalized Inflation?
Recently, it’s the shocking spike in food and, to a lesser degree, energy prices that has elevated the worries again that “core” (excluding food and energy) inflation will follow.

Interior to give oil shale a ‘fresh look’
Salt Lake Tribune
The Interior Department announced it will review and revise regulations for commercial-scale development of oil shale resources in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

Bill to create Neb. horse inspection agency advances
Journal Star
A controversial bill that would establish a state meat inspection program as a first step to opening horse slaughter and processing plants in Nebraska advanced from the Legislature’s Agriculture Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Mont. governor: State will ignore U.S. protections and kill gray wolves
USA Today
Montana’s Democratic governor told the Obama administration today that his state would now ignore federal protections for the gray wolf and begin removing whole packs that prey on cattle and elk.

The Weekly Links

Lawsuit aims to block plans for uranium mill in southwestern Colorado
Denver Post
Colorado residents want a judge to block state health and environmental regulators’ approval for construction of the nation’s first new conventional uranium mill since the Cold War.

Lawmakers Attempt to roll back renewable energy standards
Legislators in Montana, Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri are trying to weaken or dismantle renewable energy mandates policies, citing jumps in energy costs.

Arizona sues federal government, cites failure to secure U.S.-Mexico border
Arizona Daily Star
Going on the offensive, the state on Thursday sued the federal government, charging it has failed to meet its legal responsibility to secure the border.

China Lifts Farm Subsidies
Wall Street Journal
Nation encourages more grain output to fight food-price inflation.



I signed an agreement this week to offer members discounts with HughesNet internet satellite service.  The program offers Farm Bureau members a 10% discount on Hughesnet service as well as other significant discounts if the member is eligible to receive services through the American Recover and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded by USDA.

Membership Billings

I got a call from a county president this morning about the new county billing procedures.  They had a county secretary from another county call them with questions.  Their questions were asking if the billing amounts had changed and why the state didn’t absorb more of the cost on the producer members.  If you get these questions I want you to be able to answer them.  First off, billings for membership have not changed since anniversary dues were started.  In fact, billing costs have went down because of billing efficiencies.  The county is billed $1.55 per member, this is to cover the costs for printing, postage and the membership cards.  The cost of the database, database maintenance, design and staff are all absorbed by the state organization.  Secondly, we do not bill the costs of membership differently if it is producer or basic member.  The costs are the same.

Drury Hotels

I met with the Drury this week. They would desperately like our business back and have recently remodeled their rooms.  I told them that we would continue to offer their discounted room rate to our members, however, it is difficult for many to use the discount as they only have three Drury Inns in Colorado.  As a gesture the board will stay at the Drury for the April board meeting. The Drury offers an evening happy hour as well as morning hot breakfast.

Legislative Conference

I broke out the bill for the legislative conference.  Overall the bill was quite a bit higher than previous years.  The main reason for the cost increase was paying for meals of people that did not show up.  The LC portion of the bill was about $1700 higher than last year.

Foundations and Endowment Meeting

Last week Shawn and I participated in a meeting focused on establishing and growing foundations.  I think we both took home some information that could help CFB.  We will be meeting with Troy to go over our observations.

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