State Legislative Update

HB 1123 prohibits financial transfers from severance related funds unto the general fund. This bill has successfully passed the House and will head to the Senate State Affairs Committee. It is being sponsored by Rep. Coram and Sen. Roberts. CFB is supportive.

HB 1005 would repeal HB10-1195 which suspended the sales and use tax exemption on Ag compounds and pesticides, cleared another hurdle on Friday as it passed the House Appropriations Committee on a party-line vote of 7 to 6. It now moves forward to the House Floor for further consideration. This is Rep. Sonnenberg’s measure which CFB is in support of.

SB 90 is the Sunset Review bill which extends the weather modification act permitting and allows for oversight; CWCB administers the Weather Modification Program. CFB supports this measure. It has passed the Senate and will be heard next week in the House Ag Committee. It is sponsored by Sen. Schwartz and Rep. Baumgardner.

SB 91 is the Sunset Review bill for the Veterinary Medicine Board. This bill implements recommendations in the 2010 sunset review of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine; the Board and its functions are continued until September 1, 2022. CFB supports this bill. The bill passed the Senate and will head to the House Ag Committee. Sen. Brophy and Rep. McKinley are sponsoring this bill.

HB 1111 (Dept. of Ag Livestock Confidential Data) sponsored by Rep. Sonnenberg and Sen. Jahn passed the Senate Ag Committee unanimously yesterday and was put on the Senate Committee of the Whole Consent Calendar. This bill specifies that certain confidential commercial data collected by the CDA on livestock producers may not be merged or shared with any other that could modify the provisions. It allows for exceptions to protect the industry in the case of a disease outbreak and the need for traceability. The bill also clarifies that information will be allowed to be shared in “All hazards events” (weather related natural disasters) to help assist in recovery efforts. CFB supports this bill.

HB 1274 (CWCB Construction Fund Projects List) is sponsored by Rep. Sonnenberg and Sen. Schwartz. This is the annual appropriation bill for CWCB. CFB supports this measure.

The bill appropriates the following amounts from the CWCB construction fund for the following projects:

–        $300,000 for continuation of the satellite monitoring system maintenance;

–        $175,000 for continuation of the weather modification program;

–        $500,000 for continuation of the Colorado Flood Plain Map Modernization Program;

–        $250,000 for continuation of the Watershed Restoration Program;

–        $300,000 to restore the Flood Response Fund balance;

–        $200,000 for a water conservation data tracking project;

–        $500,000 to begin implementation of the Arkansas River Decision Support System;

–        $700,000 to restore the litigation fund cash balance; and

–        $12 million for the second installment of the purchase of Colorado’s allotment of Animas-La Plata Project water.

Monday, March 21, House Ag Committee Hearing will address the following bills which CFB is actively working on:

HB 1179 – Rep. Gerou — On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (cesspools) – CFB Opposing

HB 1223 – Rep. Scott — Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission – CFB Opposing as introduced, awaiting amendments

HB 1286 – Rep. Sonnenberg and Rep. Becker — Clarify State Engineer Nontributary Rulemaking Authority (addressing produced waters) – CFB Supportive


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