The Weekly Links

Mexico outlines details of cross-border trucking pact
Mexican officials are revealing details of a recently-announced agreement that ends a 16-year trucking dispute between Mexico and the United States.

Vilsack: ‘I took it as a slam on rural America’
Washington Post
Ag Sec. Tom Vilsack give a very peculiar interview about rural America.

New report shows even clean energy projects are dying in regulatory nightmares
The Daily Caller
The regulatory process is strangling clean energy projects before they even get off the ground, according to a report released Thursday by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “Project No Project” initiative.

Can we water the Front Range without draining the High Country?
Summit Daily News
Environmental Coalition released a report Tuesday that claims “Colorado can chart a new innovative path forward that protects our rivers, streams and local communities.”

President Obama lists biofuels as part of a comprehensive energy strategy
President Obama says the answer is developing a comprehensive energy strategy that includes “a broad array of clean energy sources – from renewables like wind and solar and homegrown biofuels,



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