EPA Announces SPCC Workshops

The past couple weeks I have received calls from CFB members about EPA’s SPCC program.  This program is aimed at reducing oil spills and controlling them if they do happen.  Depending on how much oil and oil products you store on your farm, this regulations may affect you directly.

Because of the concern and questions raised regarding the SPCC, the EPA has announced they will be holding workshops to discuss the SPCC program with interested stakeholders.  Here is the information I received from EPA.

Oil Program

Oil Regulations Workshop Announcement for Denver, CO

On March 11, 2011 and April 26, 2011, EPA’s Oil Program staff will conduct two free workshops on the oil pollution regulations and the requirements for a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. SPCC plans must be prepared and implemented by facilities which store, process, transfer, distribute, use, consume, drill, produce, gather, or refine oil or oil products. The term “oil” includes petroleum oils, including gasoline, asphalt, kerosene, motor oil, etc.; animal and fish oils; vegetable oils; synthetic oils; and any other kind of oil. The workshop will cover the requirements for all types of SPCC facilities. This workshop will include an update on EPA’s revisions to certain regulatory requirements for facilities subject to the SPCC rule.

Amendments to the SPCC rule were finalized on January 14, 2010. The SPCC rule was amended to provide increased clarity, to tailor requirements to particular industry sectors, and to streamline certain requirements for facility owners or operators subject to the rule. Information regarding these amendments is available at this link: Oil Pollution Prevention; Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Rule Requirements.

These workshops are free of charge, but you must register to attend. Both workshops will be held at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 Conference Center, 1595 Wynkoop, Denver, Colorado. Visitor directions and parking information.

If you would like to register for either or both of the SPCC workshops, you may complete the online registration form or call 303-312-6801 with your name, the name of your organization, your organization’s address, and your daytime phone number.  The workshop will begin at 9:00 am, but participants may sign in at the EPA Conference Center beginning at 8:00 a.m. A PHOTO ID AND PRE-REGISTRATION ARE REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION.

These workshops will be limited to the first 50 registrants because of space limitations.

We encourage workshop participants to review the online documents below prior to attending a workshop and to bring them to the workshop.


Tier I Qualified Facility SPCC Plan Templates

2010 Cross-Reference Matrix for Production Facilities

2010 Cross-Reference Matrix for Non-Production Facilities

To view other documents related to Oil Pollution workshops, please visit this publicly accessible FTP site. There you will find these documents:

Small Business Resources PDF (2 pp, 41K, About PDF)


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