Latest on Possible Government Shutdown

Last week I wrote a piece on The Pulse about a possible government shutdown, this Friday will see the end of the current continuing resolution (CR) that the federal government is currently working under.  If Congress is unable to come to terms on another CR by 11:59pm on Friday the government will shut down for lack of funding.  That being said, the latest news from Washington, DC says that a short, 2 week CR is in the works to prevent a government shutdown.

Republicans have proposed a 2 week CR that cuts $4 billion in spending.  Democrats want a month long CR that will allow more time to work out the differences.

Currently, the House of Representatives has put forward a CR that makes $60 billion in cuts to federal spending but this measure has not come before the Senate.

At this point it is still unclear if a 2 week extension will pass, but in the meantime, the best advice I can give is prepare as if a shutdown will occur.  Visit your FSA, BLM and another other federal government offices you need to this week.  If a CR is not passed, these offices will be closed starting Saturday March 5.

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