The Federal Budget, the CR, and You

Potential Government Shutdown Could Affect Producers

It is strongly advised that if you need to do business with an FSA office, BLM office or any other federal government office, do it before March 4.

As you no doubt have heard the House of Representatives spent the majority of last week debating what is known as a Continuing Resolution.  Continuing Resolutions, or CR’s as they are known in Washington, DC speak, are short term budget measures used to fund the federal government while Congress debates a budget.  Shortly before the end to the 111th Congress passed CR until March 4th.

If by 11:59pm on March 4th Congress has not passed and the president has not signed either a budget or a CR then the federal government will shut down.  While no one wants this to happen, but it looks like there is a real possibility of it happening.  The last government shutdown occurred in 1995.

Some of you will be saying that a shutdown of the government is not such a bad thing.  But,  if the government shuts down, that will mean the FSA offices, BLM offices and any other federal office will not be able to do business.

Hopefully we will not see a government shutdown, but the best advice I can give is to plan as if it is going to happen.

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