Notes From the House Ag Committee Hearing

HB 1150 – Rep. Becker’s Concerning additional revenues for water storage projects bill was PI’d (LOST) in Committee on Monday. Rep. Becker had worked out an agreement with DNR and been in communication with Rep. Sonnenberg to see this deal through, that if Rep. Becker pulled the bill DNR would require that DOW designate funds in their five year master plan to be specifically for water projects. They are to designate ~$6 Million over the next five years. With much heated opposition on this measure, this was believed to be the best option. Farm Bureau is proud of the work Rep. Becker has done to work to make water storage projects a priority.

HB 1231 – Rep. Fischer’s South Platte River Aquifer Study bill was PI’d (LOST) in Committee on Monday. Rep. Fischer made the request to currently kill this bill. At this time the money is not available to cover this multi-million dollar study. There was some disagreement with the direction of this bill, and therefore the bill will not move forward this year.

HB 1146 – Rep. Massey’s Definition of Ag Land for property tax classification purposes measure passed through the House Ag Committee on Monday, with a vote of 11 yes – 2 no. Farm Bureau is neutral on this bill and Troy Bredenkamp, Executive Vice President, testified for CFB. We have been engaged on this bill with CCI and the taskforce from its beginning. The bill was amended to define that a residential improvement shall be deemed to be integral if the occupant of the residential improvement regularly conducts, supervises, or administers material aspects of the agricultural operation or if the residential improvement is occupied by the spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, or child of the individual who conducts, supervises, or administers material aspects of the agricultural operation. The bill will be heard next in the House Appropriations Committee.

HB 1063 –  Rep. McKinley’s ‘Concerning Laws Related to Animal Welfare’ bill would have made several changes to the Colorado statues concerning animal welfare and animal welfare officers.  While Rep. McKinley made some very valid points in his bill, in the end it proved to be too broad for Colorado Farm Bureau to support.  The bill ultimately died in the committee by a vote of 1 yes – 12 no.  Brent Boydston, V. P. of Public Policy testified in opposition to this bill.



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