The Weekly Links

Rural Post Offices Put on Notice
USA Today
The U.S. Postal Service plans to close 2,000 post offices.

Food Chain: Do Spiking Food Prices Warn of Generalized Inflation?
Recently, it’s the shocking spike in food and, to a lesser degree, energy prices that has elevated the worries again that “core” (excluding food and energy) inflation will follow.

Interior to give oil shale a ‘fresh look’
Salt Lake Tribune
The Interior Department announced it will review and revise regulations for commercial-scale development of oil shale resources in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.

Bill to create Neb. horse inspection agency advances
Journal Star
A controversial bill that would establish a state meat inspection program as a first step to opening horse slaughter and processing plants in Nebraska advanced from the Legislature’s Agriculture Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

Mont. governor: State will ignore U.S. protections and kill gray wolves
USA Today
Montana’s Democratic governor told the Obama administration today that his state would now ignore federal protections for the gray wolf and begin removing whole packs that prey on cattle and elk.


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