The Weekly Links

Lawsuit aims to block plans for uranium mill in southwestern Colorado
Denver Post
Colorado residents want a judge to block state health and environmental regulators’ approval for construction of the nation’s first new conventional uranium mill since the Cold War.

Lawmakers Attempt to roll back renewable energy standards
Legislators in Montana, Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri are trying to weaken or dismantle renewable energy mandates policies, citing jumps in energy costs.

Arizona sues federal government, cites failure to secure U.S.-Mexico border
Arizona Daily Star
Going on the offensive, the state on Thursday sued the federal government, charging it has failed to meet its legal responsibility to secure the border.

China Lifts Farm Subsidies
Wall Street Journal
Nation encourages more grain output to fight food-price inflation.



I signed an agreement this week to offer members discounts with HughesNet internet satellite service.  The program offers Farm Bureau members a 10% discount on Hughesnet service as well as other significant discounts if the member is eligible to receive services through the American Recover and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded by USDA.

Membership Billings

I got a call from a county president this morning about the new county billing procedures.  They had a county secretary from another county call them with questions.  Their questions were asking if the billing amounts had changed and why the state didn’t absorb more of the cost on the producer members.  If you get these questions I want you to be able to answer them.  First off, billings for membership have not changed since anniversary dues were started.  In fact, billing costs have went down because of billing efficiencies.  The county is billed $1.55 per member, this is to cover the costs for printing, postage and the membership cards.  The cost of the database, database maintenance, design and staff are all absorbed by the state organization.  Secondly, we do not bill the costs of membership differently if it is producer or basic member.  The costs are the same.

Drury Hotels

I met with the Drury this week. They would desperately like our business back and have recently remodeled their rooms.  I told them that we would continue to offer their discounted room rate to our members, however, it is difficult for many to use the discount as they only have three Drury Inns in Colorado.  As a gesture the board will stay at the Drury for the April board meeting. The Drury offers an evening happy hour as well as morning hot breakfast.

Legislative Conference

I broke out the bill for the legislative conference.  Overall the bill was quite a bit higher than previous years.  The main reason for the cost increase was paying for meals of people that did not show up.  The LC portion of the bill was about $1700 higher than last year.

Foundations and Endowment Meeting

Last week Shawn and I participated in a meeting focused on establishing and growing foundations.  I think we both took home some information that could help CFB.  We will be meeting with Troy to go over our observations.


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