Legislative Briefs…

The Colorado General Assembly has got down to business this week, addressing numerous pieces of legislation. The Senate has been dealing with supplemental bills, trying to refill the hole in this current fiscal year’s general fund budget. Those measures will move to the House next week.

Last week Farm Bureau assisted in killing SB 17, a bill which would have increased Anhydrous Ammonia Incident Reporting Requirements. CFB has agreed to further discussions over the interim with the Department of Ag to understand what exactly needs to be addressed with reporting incidents. The Senate State Affairs Committee killed a number of measures this week including, SB 35 – Prohibit Severance Related Revenue to Gen Fund.

This week, HB 1093, successfully made it through the House and will pass to the Senate. This measure extends the amount of time an non-registered farm implement can remain off-farm. This will help farmers and ranchers avoid problems wneh conducting activities in town, such as plowing snow.  Also, HB 1004 – Farm Truck Registration has successfully passed committees and await House floor action.

A number of measures are expected to see action in the House Ag Committee on Monday (2/14), including Rep. Sonnenberg’s HB 1111 – Dept. of Ag Livestock Confidential Data, Rep. Baumgardner’s HB 1107 – State Illegal Immigration Enforcement, Rep. Fischer’s HB 1068 – State Engineer Approve Ag Water Transfer, and Rep. Coram’s HB 1023 – Prohibit Severance Related Revenue to Gen Fund.

For more information on bills Farm Bureau is tracking please click here.


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