House GOP Would Like to See 14 Percent Cuts to USDA, FDA

House Republicans would like to to cut spending at USDA and the Food and Drug Administration by as much as 14 percent for the government’s fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

Under new House rules, Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R- WI) has nearly unilateral control over discretionary spending levels for the federal budget.

This would amount to $3.2 billion of what the two agencies received in fiscal 2010. The details haven’t been ironed out, but if Republicans succeed in their plan to roll back spending to 2008 levels, the largest cuts would be in food safety programs at USDA and FDA and in USDA’s Women, Infant and Nutrition program, according to Ferd Hoefner, a policy analyst for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.


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  1. […] month, a $30 billion cut to the overall budget for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year, with a 14 percent reduction in agriculture spending. That comes out to $20.1 billion for agriculture programs in 2011 vs. $23.3 billion appropriated in […]


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