House to Vote on Health Care Repeal Today

In a vote of 245-189, Republicans were victorious in passing a measure to repeal President Obama’s signature health care overhaul law.

The House is set to vote today on H.R. 2, the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. The bill is expected to pass the Republican House but fail in the Democratic Senate.

In a letter sent to members of the House on Tuesday, AFBF President Bob Stallman expressed Farm Bureau’s concerns with the mandates and new taxes contained in the health care law.

“Of particular concern are PPACA provisions that increase expenses through mandated insurance coverage for individuals and their employees and impose new taxes and costs, such as Form 1099 paperwork information reporting requirements,” Stallman wrote.

“We urge Congress to pursue health insurance reform legislation that provides for increased competition and choice; preserves a patient’s ability to keep his or her health plan; reforms the medical liability system to reduce unnecessary and wasteful health care spending; protects the doctor-patient relationship; expands incentives to encourage personal responsibility for health care coverage and costs; and eliminates duplicative government programs,” according to Stallman.


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