Welcome Governor Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper speaks after being sworn in as Governor of Colorado at the Capitol Building on January 11, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (Joe Amon/ The Denver Post)

Colorado’s 42nd Governor, John Hickenlooper was sworn into office this morning in Denver. During his inagural comments the new Governor said that his administration would focus on jobs and the economy.

“Our first task, our highest priority, is jobs,” Hickenlooper said. “We will help businesses protect and expand the jobs we have, we will attract new jobs, and we will harness the entrepreneurial spirit that has always defined Colorado through her history.”

Hickenlooper said he would immediately sign three executive orders aimed at initiating job creation.

(Image: Denver Post)

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  1. Congratulations Gov’na
    You mentioned in your speach yesterday, that you want to bring back jobs to Colorado through entrapraneriel idea’s from its citizens. Well have I got dandy for you! My idea would bring thousands of jobs to Colorado, but millions nation wide, we would be the stepping stone of America to bring down the unemployment rate to lowest margin in a long time. The good part about my idea is no Goverment monies will allocated to any of the jobs. Three main entities will be involved raising the capital to fund this enormus idea. That is local banks, insurance companys, & Real Estate Co. If you like to hear more about my back-2-work idea please e-mail me or call me for an appointment @ 619-779-3857. thank you kindly P.S. please respond urgently. Jerry Martinez


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