Stallman: We Will Uphold the Honor and Dignity of Our Profession

American Farm Bureau Federation President used his annual address to Farm Bureau members this morning to deliver some very spirited messages to the members in attendance (click to listen):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

American agriculture is more productive than ever and is producing more with less.
• At a time when agriculture’s environmental footprint is shrinking, we are facing more regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency.
• AFBF will ask Congress to bring new scrutiny to EPA actions.
• AFBF will soon file suit against EPA water regulations.
• America’s agricultural diversity is what makes our nation’s love affair with food possible. America’s farmers have reason to celebrate foodie culture.
• Family-based agriculture – done by those who have the most pride, investment and personal connection to the hard work of farming and ranching remains the best way to meet the quality and quantity demands we face.
• Critics of modern agriculture cherry pick facts and embrace spin to weave compelling, emotional fables.
• The new U.S. Farm and Ranch Alliance is bringing a new level of unity to today’s agriculture.
• The effort (Alliance) is not about any form of antagonism or hostility toward consumers. It is clearly aimed as a counterbalance to those who are hell-bent on misleading consumers.

“Through Farm Bureau, we will uphold the honor and dignity of our profession, the character of our industry and the success of our nation.

“Together, we will produce results.”


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