Snow, Ice Cant Hold Back the Farmegeddon!

Despite the city of Atlanta being shut down because of a few inches of snow, the AFBF Annual Meeting is plugging along. Several of the Annual Meeting Blog’s guest bloggers have posted their thoughts on the snow. A few of their thoughts on the weather are posted below.

Tricia Braid is the Director of Communications at the Illinois Corn Growers Association.

Hoping to hail a cab today in Atlanta? Umm…you’re out of luck.

Think you’ll catch the bus? Think again.

I carried and drug my luggage over a mile today so I could make it back to the AFBF Annual Meeting! And I’m not alone.

Gene Hall from Texas Farm Bureau

Even after 32 AFBF annual meetings there can still be a “first.” This is the first time I’ve been iced in. Went down to catch the shuttle this morning and learned that the buses have been shut down. Lots of flights have been canceled. No one is sure about the return flight to DFW and Waco on Wednesday. Atlanta is pretty well shut down. My next decision is whether to exchange my suit and wingtips for jeans and sneakers and hoof it.

Chuck Zimmerman of ZimmComm New Media

Here’s something you won’t see at next year’s AFBF Annual Meeting…several inches of snow and ice! A big storm did hit Atlanta overnight and there’s still freezing rain coming down today. However, “the show goes on!”

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