Weekly Links

Obama Lets Colombia Hang
Wall Street Journal
The White House says it won’t submit the free trade pact to Congress.

Farm Credit System to see Cobank, US AgBank Merge
U.S. AgBank and CoBank,  part of the government-sponsored Farm Credit System, said on Thursday they plan to merge in 2011 to boost diversification and efficiency.

Colorado ski group wary of possible reintroduction of wolverines with protected status
The Denver Post
Colorado ski area operators, uneasy after state reintroduction of threatened lynx, are bristling at the prospect of more wild predators with protected status near ski slopes.

Census results show power shifting westward
All five of the country’s fastest-growing states — Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas and Utah — are located in the Sun Belt and Rocky Mountain regions which means the battle for political power in the 21st century will most likely be fought and won in the American West.

Satellites a new way to monitor groundwater for agriculture
Western Farm Press
Scientists at Stanford have found a way to cheaply and effectively monitor aquifer levels in agricultural regions using data from satellites.

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