Food Network Host Praises U.S. Beef Processing

Ellie Krieger, a dietitian and host of Food Networks, “Healthy Appetite” was featured on the digital pages of the Huffington Post this morning praising the beef industry after touring a Cargill meat packing plant in Texas.

Rather, I am stunned by how humanly the animals were treated and by the detailed attention given to food safety at every stage of the process.

I am sure not all beef processing plants are as exemplary as the one I saw, and I applaud those who expose unacceptable practices, but it is important (and I think quite a relief) to know that there is another side to the story. I guess the truest way to explain how I feel about the way beef is produced after all I saw that busy day is to tell you that for dinner that night I thoroughly enjoyed a nice piece of beef tenderloin.

Being the Huffington Post the comment section has a few little nuggets like this,

By supporting factory-fa­rming, we become the vampires, depicted in so many horror films, feeding on the flesh of animals. Is this the new normal?

And like this,

Yes, they are treated “humanly,” if by that you mean humans murder them in mass quantities. But if you meant treated “humanely,­” mass murder seems rather cruel.

But on the whole, the conversation surrounding the article is fairly positive. There are many people in the comments section praising the author for her insight and work in reporting what goes on in a processing plant first hand. You should be one of them!

Click here to read and comment on the piece!


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