YF&R Conference Deadline Extended!!

Attention:  Colorado Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Conference reservation deadline has been extended!

The deadline for reservations for the Colorado Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Leadership Conference January 21-23 at the Crowne Plaza in Colorado Springs has been extended to Friday December 31 st .

Please call 888-233-9527 and say you would like to reserve a room under the Young Farmer and Rancher Conference.  You should be given an $89/night rate.

The Colorado Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Committee is holding its Annual Leadership Conference on January 21st – 23rd 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Colorado Springs.

The conference agenda is after the jump.

Friday, January 21st

7:45                        Registration

8:00                        Welcome and opening remarks

8:45                        Tours—Load bus

9:00                        Bus leaves

9:45                        Chico Basin Ranch

The Chico Basin Ranch is an 87,000-acre working cattle ranch 35 minutes southeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It’s owned by the Colorado State Land Board and managed under a one-of-a-kind lease by Duke and Janet Phillips and their family.  The ranch offers education and recreation opportunities for adults and children.

11:00                     Bus leaves

12:00                     Lunch

1:00                        Sinton Dairy

Sinton Dairy is one of the oldest businesses still in operation in Colorado Springs since 1880.  Started by George and Melvin Sinton, production was small at first – providing 14 quarts of milk from 12 red cows delivered by horse drawn cart to residents of Colorado Springs.  Now the dairy processes more than 220 million pounds of milk each year.  Products include but are not limited to milk, cottage cheese and sour cream.

2:00                        Bus leaves

3:00                        PRCA Hall of Fame tour

See the history of the professional Rodeo Cowboy and how the sport of rodeo has changed throughout the years.  Experience the stories of great athletes that battle between man and animal.  Learn about the gear used to make the sport what it is today.

3:30                       Cindy Schonholtz PRCA, Horse Council (PUBLIC PERCEPTION AND ANIMAL RIGHTS)

4:30                        Bus leaves

4:50                        Return to hotel/registration

5:00                        Recess for dinner

6:00                        Dinner


Saturday, January 22

6:30-7:30 am      Breakfast

9:00                        Pledge of allegiance and invocation

9:15                        Matt Scramlin (POLICY DEVELOPMENT GAME)

Looking for a fun and interactive way to learn how an idea can become Farm Bureau policy? This program begins with an updated video on the Farm Bureau Policy Development structure and is followed by a card game where 52 different aspects of policy development are presented. Teams compete for the cards that outline the best county policy development program.

10:15                     Committee workshop (WOULD YOU RATHER)

12:00                     Lunch

1:00                        Richard Holtorf (FARM BUREAU DISCUSSION MEET, THE CHESS GAME REVEALED)

Washington County Farm Bureau President Richard Holtorf presents an in depth look at what it takes to properly prepare for a discussion meet.  Richard also highlights strategies and tactics used to win the game.

3:00                        Matt Scramlin (BRIDGING THE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE)

Generations aren’t simply separated by years. People divided by generations experience gaps in culture, technology, and life experience. These gaps can produce either barriers or opportunities depending on how equipped you are to understand what’s really behind them. This workshop will help you better understand generational differences that affect how people approach life, work, and volunteering. Learn to understand what motivates different generations of members to better equip your Farm Bureau to appreciate and use the diversity of talents each generation brings.

5:00                        Recess for banquet dinner

6:00                        Banquet dinner   CFB President Don Shawcroft  (The value of the YF&R Program)

7:00                        Entertainment (Rock band/Wii tournament)

Sunday, January 23

6:30-7:30 am      Breakfast



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