Colorado Farm Bureau: Eliminate Direct Payments

Delegates to the 2010 Colorado Farm Bureau Annual Meeting last month approved a policy that supports the elimination of direct payments in the 2012 Farm Bill. The policy favors an expanded revenue insurance program and improved risk management tools.

“Our delegates decided that the industry needs to make tough decisions like these. I think they did the responsible thing,” said CFB President Don Shawcroft.

Nathan Weathers, President of Yuma County Farm Bureau where the policy originated says that the ag industry needs to do its part in contributing to the reduction of the federal debt.

“Crop Insurance is a true safety net for farmers. By moving away from a direct and counter-cyclical program to a more comprehensive crop insurance program, we want to demonstrate our willingness to work together to cut the budget during tough economic times.”

He also says that this change in direction shows that farmers are not looking for a handout from the taxpayers.

The policy recommends expanding the current crop insurance program to allow for insuring 100% of a producers proven yield. Weathers says that this will satisfy lenders who count on clients receiving direct payments.

The policy easily passed the vote of the delegates and will be forwarded on to American Farm Bureau for consideration at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Atlanta next month.


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