HSUS Strikes Again

Agriculture awareness is becoming an ever critical component of our daily lives. Unfortunately, there some organizations are out to portray the most negative image of agriculture possible. The Humane Society of the United States released an undercover video today showing alleged animal abuse and food safety problems at Cal-Marine Foods, the nation’s largest egg producer.

For 28 days concluding this month, an HSUS undercover investigator was employed at one of Cal-Maine’s two egg farms in Waelder, Texas. The HSUS report details brutalities and conditions that would make anyone shudder. The Texas Farm Bureau commented, “the small number of producers who abuse the privilege of raising and caring for food animals give a black eye to those who do it right. There is no excuse for animal cruelty. Individual producers should adopt a zero tolerance policy and work to get those who abuse animals out of business.”

It is because of these blatant attempts to bully the agriculture industry that we as agriculturists must stand together and share our story.  Sites like Conversation Care and Feedstuffs (to name a few) are taking a step in sharing the heartfelt stories of how we as agriculturists really care. Here at the Farm Bureau, we are dedicated to protecting and advocating agriculture. Now, we need you. Take a minute and write a letter to your editor, comment on a blog post or visit with someone at the gas station in town. Let’s stand together and share the real image of agriculture: an industry that cares and works hard for the consumer.

Image(mark lorch)

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  1. Posted by DogsMom on November 18, 2010 at 11:34 am

    A photo or a video speaks a thousand words. Who wouldn’t be upset to see this video–however orchestrated it is. While I can explain–from an ag point of view–the reasoning behind some of these images, I personally cannot explain away them all.

    It’s imperative that we in the animal industry have got to step up our game. We need to educate the public and promote our animal welfare agenda. But videos like this only make it harder for everyone else. This may be the exception, but it is getting the attention.

    We must be proactive in raising the public awareness of the quality of care in our industry, but also being willing and able to help put sub-standard operations out of business.


  2. Great post, Elisa. Here’s the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s take on the latest video: http://animalagalliance.org/current/home.cfm?Section=20101117_Activist&Category=Press_Releases

    DogsMom is right- there is no place for bad actors in the agriculture industry. We must speak out against the few who don’t do what is right for their animals, the land, and consumers while continuing to share the good story of America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers.

    I really appreciate Colorado Farm Bureau’s work on the blog- I often share links to it on our social media sites.


  3. Posted by Shawn Martini on November 23, 2010 at 11:19 am

    DogsMom we wholeheartedly agree! Were is not for bad actors within our industry, HSUS would not be able to orchestrate these images to dupe the public into thinking this is mainstream.

    Sarah, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. We are doing our best to make it a great resource for folks. Thanks for sharing our content!


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