State Legislature Elects New Leadership

The House and Senate met this morning to elect leadership positions. The following are the results:

House Leadership

  • Speaker–Frank McNulty
  • Majority Leader–Amy Stephens
  • Assistant Majority Leader–Mark Waller
  • Majority Caucus Chair–Carole Murray
  • Majority Whip–BJ Nikkel
  • JBC–Cheri Gerou and TBD
  • Minority Leader–Sal Pace
  • Assistant Minority Leader–Nancy Todd
  • Minority Whip–Claire Levy
  • JBC–Mark Ferrandino
  • Caucus Chair – Lois Court
  • Assistant Caucus Chair – Su Ryden

Senate Leadership

  • President–Brandon Shaffer
  • President Pro-Tem–Betty Boyd
  • Majority Leader–John Morse
  • Assistant Majority Leader–Lois Tochtrop
  • Majority Whip–Morgan Carroll
  • JBC–Mary Hodge and Pat Steadman
  • Minority Leader–Mike Kopp
  • Assistant Minority Leader–Bill Cadman
  • Minority Caucus Chair–Mark Scheffel
  • Minority Whip–Scott Renfroe
  • JBC–Kent Lambert
(Image: wallyg)

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