District 4 Holds Candidate Forum

Last week the county Farm Bureaus of District 4 held their inaugural Candidates Forum at the Cow Palace in Lamar. Instead of a debate between candidates, members chose to hold the forum to a Q&A format between candidates and attendees. Each candidate spoke on general ag issues for a short time and then opened the floor to questions.

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Candidates for Colorado Senate Districts 1 and 2 and Colorado House, District 64 were present. Speaking at the event were Republican candidate Greg Brophy and Democratic candidate Mike Bowman, both running for the District 1 Colorado Senate seat; District 2 candidates, Gloria Stultz, who is running on the Democratic side and Kevin Grantham, who is running as a Republican and Colorado House candidates, Democrat Wes McKinley and Republican Lisa Kellogg.

Members and other attendees raised many issues but a common theme among all of the questioners was the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site and water issues along both the Republican and Arkansas River Basins.

Around 70 people gathered to hear the opinions on the issues and the candidates expressed their approval of the Q&A format.


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