‘Demonizing’ Biotech Crops Hurts Hungry Populations

USDA officials say European nations could help eliminate scenes like this if they were to soften their stance on biotech food.

Supporters of biotech crops should concentrate on keeping European officials from “demonizing” this method of production so that the technology can benefit developing countries with hungry populations, Roger Beachy, head of the Agriculture Department’s National Institutes of Food and Agriculture, said Tuesday.

Arguing that using biotech crops boosts yields is not persuasive in Europe due to zero population growth, according to Beachy. A better strategy would be to encourage government farm ministers in Europe to consider how biotech crops can be used to ease hunger in developing countries. Beachy expressed concern that European attitudes toward biotechnology could influence global views, reducing the use of biotech crops in countries with hungry populations.

Beachy spoke with reporters about biotech crops on the sidelines of a Soyatech global grain and soybean transport conference in Minneapolis.


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