More Lawmakers Oppose EPA Dust Regulation

Yesterday, a group of US Representatives wrote a detailed letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opposing the July 2010 proposed Particulate Matter (PM) standards. Lawmakers state the proposed policy assessment, “lays the foundation for establishing the most stringent and unparalleled regulation of dust in our nation’s history. We urge the EPA to refrain from going down this path.” The letter goes on to read that scientific studies are “ambiguous” in support of the regulation tightening and thus can not be used as foundational support.

The letter represents additional push back from lawmakers. Last week members on the Senate Ag Committee questioned EPA Administrator Jackson about whether her agency “has it in” for American Ag.

Lawmakers respect efforts for clean and health environment, but do not support and find scientific evidence to not support the need for revising the dust standard. Tightening dust regulations will only hurt the rural communities, not benefit them. Some seventy-five US House members, including Colorado Representatives Betsy Markey and Mike Coffeman, signed the letter to Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the EPA.


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  1. […] which EPA administrator Lisa Jackson was grilled by Senators from both parties. It also follows a letter to the EPA signed by 75 congressmen in opposition to its proposed dust […]


  2. Do these folks want us to be as dependent on foreign food as were now are on foreign oil.

    Dust is a really natural thing that no one has real control over. New plowing techniques have certainly decreased wind blowing. Farmers and ranchers are stewards of the soil and do everything humanely possible to control the natural phenomenon.


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