Farm Bureau Member Helps Promote Agriculture in Africa

As part of its focus on ag education and promotion, Centennial Club funds were recently distributed to NJC Collegiate Farm Bureau member Pete Ambrose. The funds were part of a sponsorship effort to support Pete’s trip to an African orphanage to help teach them modern agricultural practices. The orphanage currently houses 150 children and operates a local school for elementary aged youth.

“After a quick visit on a mission trip two years ago, recently I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks living and working in an orphanage outside of Wukro, Ethiopia. At the time of my last visit the orphanage had a bare minimum of the food they needed to get by. We purchased dairy cattle for them in hopes that they would be better able to provide for themselves,” said Ambrose in a thank you letter to CFB.

They currently have an operating dairy with forty cows. They are also growing everything from corn to oranges and their school is large enough to educate 300 children. I was privileged to use some of the funds provided by Colorado Farm Bureau to purchase 800lbs of fertilizer and 5 beehives for the orphanage. Without your support I would not have had the opportunity to experience this amazing trip. Thank You!”

Pete learned much on his second trip to Ethiopia. In addition to helping out on the schools farm, he was able to volunteer in the town’s pharmacy and assist the two doctors that had come on the trip. He says he was surprised about the progress the orphanage made in its farming program in the time between his visits. He expected to work hard to help make the farm better for the children, and he did. But he was surprised at how much the work helped him.

“I like to say that if God gives you lemons, you should teach someone else to make lemonade, and then give them the seeds to plant their own tree. We have a tendency to head into life expecting to do one thing, and then find out that the need is for something completely different. The farm was already in place, though they needed much help with it. I expected to help Allem Seged the orphanage director build his farm. God already gave Allem the lemons, and Allem gave me the lemon seeds for my own garden,” says Pete in his letter.

Pete Ambrose is a member in good standing with the NJC Collegiate Farm Bureau and a rising star in the Colorado ag industry. He is also the NJC Associated Student Government, Second Vice President.

In place for several years, the CFB Centennial Club offers interested members a way to provide additional support to the federation and to focus their support to one of three areas, ag education and promotion, legal defense, and policy implementation.

If you would like to participate in outreach activities like this in the future, please join the CFB Centennial Club and dedicate your support to Ag Promotion activities.


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  1. Posted by Dana Thompson on September 8, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Way to go Pete! I’m so proud of all that you are doing and the young man you are becoming.


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