Ag Helps Keep Unemployment Low

A report in the publication Business Insider points out that eight of the ten states with the lowest unemployment rates have one thing in common—agriculture. The report also tracks the level of education in each state and notes that the states with the lowest unemployment often have a good balance on industries contributing to the overall GDP.

North and South Dakota lead the way with unemployment rates of 3.6 and 4.4 percent, respectively. Nebraska is third at 4.7, followed by New Hampshire and Vermont.  At number seven is Kansas with an unemployment rate of 6.5.  Wyoming is eighth, and Iowa is number ten at 6.8%.

For each state, Business Insider mentions the importance of agriculture to the lower than average unemployment rate.

It is noteworthy that Wyoming, with a larger share of GDP being linked to mining and oil and gas production has a higher unemployment rate than many of the other states, despite having a smaller population. It would be interesting to see where Colorado fits in and how the troubles with oil and gas have affected our rate.

(Image: Djof)

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