Colorado Egg Producers Tout Safety of State’s Eggs

Palisade peaches, Rocky Ford melons and Olathe sweet corn are just a few of the locally produced fruits and vegetables that have been tickling our taste buds this season. The Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association, a membership organization representing seven family farms, would like to remind you that in addition to seasonal fruits and vegetables, there are main food staples – including eggs – which you can buy locally and enjoy all year round.

“Thinking about where your food comes and buying locally is certainly top of mind for everyone today, especially given the recent news regarding egg recalls,” explained Jerry Wilkins, president of CEP. “It is very important that consumers know that NO eggs produced in Colorado are part of this egg recall. On behalf of our local egg farmers, CEP is here to assure you that Colorado produced eggs are safe. As local farmers, we are part of the Colorado community and our focus is the safety and health of all Coloradans. All CEP producers have comprehensive, multi-faceted quality assurance and food safety programs in place and follow FDA guidelines for food safety. We encourage you to continue to support your Colorado egg farmers and buy local.”

August has been proclaimed Colorado Proud month by Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. According to Wendy White with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Proud, finding local products is easy with Colorado Proud. Colorado Proud is a program of the Colorado Department of Agriculture developed to identify food and agricultural products that are grown, raised or processed in the state. Nearly every CEP member is a proud participant in the Colorado Proud program.

“It is the perfect time to celebrate the bounty of Colorado agriculture available at grocery stores, farmers’ markets and restaurants across the state. Colorado eggs are a perfect example,” said White. “When you purchase Colorado food and agricultural products, such as eggs, you are not only getting high quality fresh products, you are also supporting Colorado’s farmers, ranchers, processors and the state economy.”

CEP is committed to doing what’s right for the Colorado community, as illustrated by their regular donation of thousands of eggs to food banks throughout the state. Egg farmers throughout Colorado have an unwavering mission to provide high-quality eggs to Coloradans.

For more information on this recall and the safe handling of eggs, please visit


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