AgChat President Jeff Fowle: Social Media Growth ‘Amazing’

Social media hasn’t just hit the mainstream. It’s also hit the back roads and the back forty. Farm Bureau member Jeff Fowle, a fourth-generation farmer and rancher from northern California, said social media has become an important part of his daily routine.

“On Twitter currently I am almost at 23,000 followers and on an average day I reach between 900,000  and 1.3 million individuals,” Fowle said. “Of those, I expect approximately 30 to 40 percent actually see at least one of my tweets per day.  More people are getting involved creating a Facebook page, getting on Twitter, utilizing YouTube to explain why, what and how they put food on the plate. The growth has been amazing.”

California rancher and Farm Bureau member, Jeff Fowle

Fowle is president of the AgChat Foundation, a group that focuses on helping farmers and ranchers use social media technology to share their stories and make connections with people not involved with agriculture.

“We have relied too long on having others share our story and the face of the American farmer has been forgotten,” he said. “And I think it’s time to put a face back on the plate, and I think social media is one opportunity for us to make tremendous progress in overcoming that adversity.  More farmers and ranchers are getting their stories out to the public and there’s beginning to be more understanding.  It’s no longer an ‘us vs. them,’ but it’s a building of a bridge in the community between the farmers and the public that is getting stronger and stronger every day.”


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