Features #78 Farm American Chevrolet has posted a feature story about the Farm American Program on its front page. Driver Regan Smith spoke with reporter Joe Menzer about the goal of the Farm American program and did a great job raising awareness about farm and ranch families across America.

“I think the most important aspect of this whole program is pointing out the importance of the food chain. Even me, until we got going with this program and I started educating myself on it and trying to understand how important farming is to America, I didn’t have a true realization of it. I think it’s probably fair to say that a lot of Americans are that way. We see the food on the table, we see the food at the grocery store — but there is not always a connect as to how it gets there. … We need to make sure that it’s getting there safe and that the proper practices and so forth are being taken with it,” said driver Regan Smith in the interview.

“I think this whole thing came about because Barney and everybody at Furniture Row Racing said, ‘Man, this is something that needs to have attention drawn to it.'”

Read the entire interview and get more information about Saturday’s race at


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