Colorado Breaks Record in Winter Wheat Production

USDA announced today that Colorado winter wheat production broke a record in 2010, with an average yield of 45 bushels per acre. This is the highest ever yield per acre for Colorado and raises the total production in 2010 to 103.5 million bushels.  The 10-year average for winter wheat production is 63.3 million bushels, or 30 bushels per acre.

This is the largest winter wheat crop harvested in Colorado since 1985, when 134.5 million bushels were harvested. The following year, a large percentage of land was taken out of production and put into the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). In 1985, there were 3.7 million acres planted and 3.45 million acres harvested.  This year, 2.45 million acres were planted and 2.3 million acres were harvested.

  • Colorado winter wheat production in 2010 is projected at 103,500,000 bushels, up 6 percent from 98,000,000 bushels produced last year, and up 62 percent from the 10-year average
  • The estimate for the 2010 Colorado winter wheat crop is based upon 2,300,000 acres being harvested with an average yield of 45.0 bushels per acre (a new yield per acre record).
  • Wheat prices are currently in the range of $5.50 – $6.00 per bushel statewide and are projected to average up to $5.43 per bushel for the full 2010-11 marketing year.

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