Cuban Trade Bill to be Considered in September

Congress isn’t expected to take action on Rep. Collin Peterson’s Cuba trade bill until September, when lawmakers return from the August recess.

“It’s great policy,” said AFBF trade specialist Chris Garza. Unfortunately the bill is caught up in the politics of the issue. There are still many members out there, particularly those from Florida, who see any easing of the embargo as a gift to the Castros. This is not the case. This bill is about increasing U.S. agricultural exports.

“This bill is not about opening up the U.S. market to Cuba. This bill is about [re]moving the restrictions that we have placed on our own farmers to be able to export to Cuba.  This is a gain-gain situation, a gain for U.S. farmers and a gain for the people of Cuba to be able to have quality food on their tables that comes from U.S. farmers,” Garza said.

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