Colorado Farm Bureau Proud Membership Update

The Colorado Farm Bureau Proud Membership Campaign is well under way and as of June 1st 2010 we have 36 new memberships signed up by Colorado Farm Bureau members.

There is still plenty of time to engage in the campaign and win great prizes for your county and yourself!

This year we are again offering the Grab 4 for Farm Bureau challenge. Any county that signs up a total 4 producer members either by signing up a new or actively renewing a previous member from a non renewal list between August 1st and September 30th will be recognized at the CFB annual meeting membership awards breakfast and be eligible for a special prize.

When you and your county participate in membership programs and activities you strengthen your organization and increase its effectiveness.  Having a chance to win a steak feed hosted by CFB staff isn’t bad either.

That’s why we have the Top County Award given to the county that either has the top producer member gain or has the largest producer member gain as a percentage of goal. As long as your county makes producer goal, just utilize your membership program and keep a 95% retention rate and you are in the running.

Right now we have Sedgwick, Washington, Kiowa and Gunnison counties meeting their producer member goal.  One of these counties is well on their way to win the next steak feed!

Also remember Top Recruiter will receive a $300 gift Certificate from Grainger, Garmin GPS or $250 Gift Certificate of your choice.  You have to sign up at least 5 members to qualify.

Currently,  T.J. Dice from Rifle and John Hardwick from Vernon are more than half way there at 3 new members.  These guys are just a couple of memberships away from the chance to win big!

Also anyone who signs up at least 5 new producer members will receive a woman’s or men’s CFB Fleece or polo shirt.

This is a great opportunity to get out and talk to our friends, family and neighbors about the pride we all share in an organization that protects and promotes our businesses, industry and way of life. That pride is Farm Bureau!


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