NISP Rally a Successful Effort

Last week, CFB and other participants in the 2010 Farmers for NISP Rally recieved an email from Floyd Ciruli, noted Colorado pollster and political commentator who also works in support of the NISP project. Mr. Ciruli’s letter is below.

NISP may be the first proposed major water project in Colorado history that has taken the offensive to build support and counter distortions and misstatements.

The media coverage of the farm rally on July 16 was very strong.  The Denver Post article, in particular, told the project’s story with dramatic, lively pictures, strong writing and positive quotations.  In the first several paragraphs and the three pictures, the positive case for the project was made.

Although the Save the Poudre stickers generated some controversy, the agricultural community made the point that they want to “Save the Poudre” as much as self-proclaimed environmental advocates.  The only debate is the best way to do that – by storing the excess for Colorado’s use or by not managing the river, losing the water and depending entirely on levels of conservation that are both unrealistic and will have a negative impact in the next drought.  In fact, the NISP project not only keeps Colorado’s water for farms, recreation and jobs, but it helps manage the river’s flows and can help maintain water levels during dryer seasons.

NISP continues to be a model project that, by aggressively seeking support, such as from 13 business associations including Club 20, is maintaining public momentum during the long approval process.


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