Colorado Farm Bureau Staff Visit Indianapolis Motor Speedway

CFB staff tours pit road.

Staff and board from Colorado Farm Bureau have spent the last two days touring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) with Furniture Row Racing in support of the #78 Farm American Chevrolet.

Communications Director Shawn Martini, President Alan Foutz, and Executive Vice President Troy Bredenkamp have been hosted by team members of Furniture Row Racing and have been shown nearly every part of the process of getting a race car from the hauler and into racing trim. They are joined by two members of the United Soybean Board who are also supporting the project.

The group has toured the garage and seen how mechanics ready the car for practice, qualifying and race day. In addition, they have been taken through the lengthy process of NASCAR’s technical inspections, the process of determining whether every car meets the strict standards to race in the league.

You can view more photos from the race on the CFB Flickr page.

Driver Regan Smith prepares for his first race in the #78 Farm American Chevrolet.

Driver Regan Smith met with the group and discussed the uniqueness of IMS.

“I say it like its simple but its really not that simple, its a tough racetrack,” explained Smith. “As a driver you can do more to mess it up than you can to fix it.”

Smith also explained that due to the size of IMS, it is very easy for drivers to “overdrive” a car and cause slower lap times.

The group was present on pit road for the team’s qualifying run on Saturday and were also taken through the extensive IMS media center where sports writers from all over the country file stories.

The program has received much attention since debuting on Monday. Both ESPN and SPEED have covered the new #78 Chevrolet and the new paint scheme and program focus have generated a large amount of online buzz. The Furniture Row Racing Facebook page has seen the most activity it has ever seen and many online publications have featured the program.

President Alan Foutz says that the program has the potential to engage consumers and agriculture on a scale never before seen by our industry.

“This is one of the best ways to help bring our message to consumers that I have ever seen,” said Foutz. “I’m really excited about this program.”

CFB has signed on to the program as a ‘communications partner’ focusing on promoting the effort within the ag community. Agribusinesses will provide the funding for the program next year when the car will race on an extended schedule. The program will also feature an interactive agriculture exhibit that will be present at the Fan Zone of every race. The interactive exhibit will also travel to local schools and grocery stores to help educate the public about agriculture.

In addition to the Brickyard 400, the Farm American Chevrolet will race in Bristol, TN and Fontana, CA this season.


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