Furniture Row Racing Introduces Agriculture Themed NASCAR

Denver based Furniture Row Racing has unveiled its new effort to help promote the importance of American agriculture and to highlight the contributions that farm and ranch families make to our nation. Known as the No. 78 Farm American Chevrolet, the multicolored car of green, yellow, blue and white will depict farm life on the hood along with the program theme on the rear quarter panel of ‘Cultivating the Future’.

Driver Regan Smith will drive the car in its inaugural race in Sunday’s Brickyard 400 Sprint Cup race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Barney Visser, team owner and chief executive officer of Furniture Row Companies, compares what has happened in the furniture industry to the threats facing the American farmer and rancher.

“The number of job losses in the American furniture industry due to unfair competitive practices by international governments has been devastating,” stated Visser. “To see the same trends occurring in our food supply, leaving us subjected to possible interruptions and unequal standards is something we see as worth fighting for.

“I don’t want America to fall asleep on this issue – this is where America needs to come together,” he continued.

CFB has signed on to the program as a ‘communications partner’ focusing on promoting the effort within the ag community. Agribusinesses will provide the funding for the program next year when the car will race on an extended schedule.

More than “just a race car”

Pat Driscoll, Director of the Farm American program for FRR is quick to point out that the race car is one small piece of a much larger program that will help FRR achieve its goals of helping raise awareness about agriculture. When fully funded, the program will include an interactive exhibit that will inform the public about life on a farm and ranch and provide additional information about the ag industry. The exhibit will include a “Combine Driving Experience” that will simulate driving an actual combine and will be staffed by local farmers and ranchers.

The program will be a part of the fan area at each race and will also travel to local schools and grocery stores says Driscoll. Driver Regan Smith will conduct farm and ranch tours with local producers near each racetrack which will be videoed and placed on the program’s website

Driscoll says that plans are being made to promote the Farm American program within Furniture Row company retail outlets using educational material similar to the traveling interactive exhibit. With over 330 stores in 31 states, Furniture Row companies will be able to engage even more of the 98% of consumers who have no background in agriculture.

In addition to the Brickyard 400, the Farm American Chevrolet will race in Bristol, TN and Fontana, CA later this season.

For Smith, driving the Farm American car is both a personal and professional honor.

“Since my mother and father both grew up on a farm (in upstate New York), it’s going to be an honor to drive a car that showcases the farm community and the worldwide contributions the American farmer makes,” stated Smith, the 2008 Sprint Cup Rookie of the Year. “The American farmer/rancher and Indianapolis Motor Speedway are two icons and I can’t wait to drive the Farm American Chevrolet in the Brickyard 400.”

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  1. […] Staff and board from Colorado Farm Bureau have spent the last two days touring the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) with Furniture Row Racing in support of the #78 Farm American Chevrolet. […]


  2. Posted by Pat Darling on August 21, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Love the paint scheme on your sponsored #78 Nascar car-please do a diecast of it in 1/24th scale if you have not done so already. If you have can we possibly get one? Thank you…Pat.


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