Monsanto and BASF to Expand Collaboration into Wheat

Wheat is now to be included in the joint research efforts of Monsanto and BASF. Joining efforts and resources in 2007, the two companies are dedicated to developing high-yielding and stress-tolerant products of the major crops, including corn, soy, cotton and canola.

Previously abandoning wheat after incurring widespread reluctance, the uptake of biotech research of wheat is a big step. Although the Green Revolution was started with Borlaug’s research in wheat, recent biotech has bypassed the crop, leaving a less competitive production and worldwide production shortages.

North American and Australian markets will be the initial focus of the partners in regards to wheat research. The company expects the first enhanced yielding wheat product to reach the market after 2020. This product will be followed by successive generations of higher-yielding wheat varieties.

(image:Spilsby, England)

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