Vegan Nutritionist Tours Colorado Feedyard

Ryan Andrews, a self-proclaimed “nutrition stud,” vegan, nationally ranked bodybuilder and registered dietitian, recently blogged about visiting a cattle feedlot, Magnum Feedyard in Colorado. Andrews met owner Steve Gabel and was given an exclusive tour of the feedyard. His lengthy blog entry includes extensive descriptions of different types of feed rations in addition to observations from a non-farmers’ perspective on how the cattle are cared for and housed.

Although he blogged that he has no plans to start eating meat again, Andrews also wrote, “If my experience at Magnum is representative of other cattle farms, all those accounts of the dismal, depressing, disastrous cattle conditions seem to be exaggerated.” He wrapped up his narrative about the visit this way: “They’re producing safe and cost-effective meat in, arguably, the most cattle-conscious way (short of opening up those pens and letting them run free). Rock on Magnum.”

(image: ryanandrews)

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