Goodbye to “The Other White Meat”

Since 1987 the pork industry has referred to itself as the “other white meat” to take advantage of consumers’ rising demand for lower fat protein alternatives.

Our research is showing that ‘other white meat’ no longer moves consumer choices,” said Ceci Snyder, vice president-marketing for the Pork Board, which among other things administers the producer check-off. Over the last 20 years, pork consumption has stayed relatively flat.

Despite its questionable success, the slogan has irrefutably ingrained itself into American pop culture. The phrase is frequently added as the punch-line to jokes, in reference to other foods, in slang, etc.

A final strategy hasn’t been set, but the Pork Board will likely roll out a new advertising and marketing campaign later this year or next spring. She gave no details about what the new campaign would say except that it would try to “break through the clutter of messages that consumers receive.” (standard marketing boilerplate for “a campaign that is successful.)


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