EPA Clean Water Act Permit Costly to Farmers and Ranchers

EPA is proposing a new Clean Water Act permit for pesticide use near waterways that could lead to problems for farmers and ranchers.

“There are four categories that it’s going to apply to,” said Tyler Wegmeyer, AFBF regulatory specialist. “Mosquito and other flying insect pest control, aquatic weed and algae control, aquatic nuisance animal control and forest canopy pest control. You don’t hear farmers mentioned in that.  However, we believe that farmers will be impacted.”

Wegmeyer said the new regulation is expected to add to the cost of production and isn’t even needed.  “Is it going to make the environment safer and protect human health better?  No, it’s not going to.  Laws are already on the books that do a good job of protecting the environment and human health. Farmers abide by it, and it’s working,” he said.


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