Frugal Food-Shopping Remains the Norm for Americans

A new survey released by ConAgra Foods shows that despite the recent improvement in the nation’s economy overall, Americans will not be changing their shopping habits any time soon. Four out of five people surveyed (79 percent) said they do like not feel like the recession is over and most (71 percent) plan to continue the savings habits they developed during the economic downturn.

The recession continues to affect the way people shop for and prepare food. During the past year, 75 percent of Americans said they cooked more meals at home and they plan to keep doing so. About two-thirds (68 percent) said cooking has helped bring their family together and just over 60 percent said they enjoy cooking now more than ever. About 80 percent of those surveyed will continue to save money by using coupons, following a budget or taking advantage of store specials. Two-thirds (63 percent) will continue to cut back on premium food purchases.

About one-third of consumers interviewed for the survey said they cut costs by stretching meals with water or canned foods or by buying more frozen or prepared meals.


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