NJC Collegiate Farm Bureau Hosts Ag Olympics- REDUX


Here is come additional coverage of the 2010 NJC Ag Olympics. Make sure to watch the end. Click here if the video will not load.

Last week the NJC Collegiate Farm Bureau was busy hosting the NJC Ag Olympics competition at the Sterling campus. The event, a tradition at the school, pits teams of students against each other in various Ag related challenges such as building fence, setting irrigation tubes, drinking from large calf bottles, stacking hay and just for fun, a panty hose potato push race.

This year was one of the biggest contests ever with well over 10 teams signing up to compete for prize money, first place being $60, second $40 and third $20.

In the end, the teams that won the money were composed of ag students. However, in at least one contest, a group of greenhorns gave some of their aggie counterparts a run for the money.

A team composed of  students from Denver had the fastest time in the irrigation tube setting contest.

After a quick lesson from veteran tube setter Ryan Wagner, an NJC sophomore from Iliff, the students showed what they had learned by beating everyone else out in this one event.

Williams said that his grandfather had grown up on a farm and he’d heard him talk about having to use tubes to irrigate, but he didn’t really know what that meant until this contest.

Besides being a great campus event that brings a lot of students together, the Ag Olympics is, as more and more students begin participating, also becoming a great exchange of culture between the rural and metro students at NJC.


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  1. Posted by Becky on May 17, 2010 at 8:46 am

    What is NJC? When acronyms are used it would be nice to spell those out at least once!!!


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