CFB Staff Announcement

The Colorado Farm Bureau (CFB) is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Brent Boydston to the CFB staff team. Boydston will serve as the Colorado Farm Bureau Vice President, Public Policy and will begin his employment on June 1.

As Vice President, Public Policy, Boydston will serve as the chief administrator of the Colorado Farm Bureau Public Policy Division and will be responsible for all aspects of the CFB public policy programs and issues.  In addition, the Vice President, Public Policy will manage all staff within the Public Policy Division including the State Affairs Director, the National Affairs Director and any other staff that works within the area of Public Policy.

Brent is a native Kansan and graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in History.  Brent is currently serving as Senior Legislative Assistant for US House Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) in Washington, DC where he has served for 4 years.  Previous to his current post, Brent served 2 years for US Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota).

Boydston brings a legislative knowledge base and passion to the CFB team and will be a huge asset to Colorado Farm Bureau members in the area of public policy.  Please join CFB in welcoming Brent Boydston to Colorado and to the Colorado Farm Bureau team!

I you would like to drop him a welcome note, Brent’s e-mail address will be


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