Legislative Briefs…

Floating Bill Sinks

A conference committee that was convened to work out differences between two versions of the controversial Right-to-Trespass (HB 1188 – Right-to-Float) legislation was unable to find compromise and the committee was discontinued.

Rep. Kathleen Curry (I-Gunnison) made a motion to support a version of the bill that was slightly modified from the House version that would have allowed commercial river outfitters the ability to float through private land on specific rivers, but the committee deadlocked on a 3-3 vote.

Sen. Al White (R-Hayden) made a second motion to support the Senate version of the bill which would have directed a study of the issue to be done this summer.  The committee again deadlocked on a 3-3 vote.  As a result, proponents acknowledged that there would not be a compromised reached this year and the bill is considered lost.  The issue is far from over however, with 20 separate ballot initiative proposals being introduced.

(Image: jocelyn.aubert)

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