DOW Landowner Voucher Committee Seeks Comment

The Colorado Big Game Landowner Voucher Program Review Committee is seeking public comment on ways to improve the Landowner Voucher Program at an open-house meeting in Limon. The purpose of the public forum is to give Eastern Plains landowners and sportsmen the opportunity to meet with committee members to discuss the allocation of big game hunting licenses through the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Landowner Voucher Program.

The meeting will be held Thursday, May 13 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Limon Community Center, 477 D Ave.

Although the DOW is facilitating the meeting, the Landowner Voucher Committee is an independent, collaborative group of sportsmen, landowners, outfitters and wildlife managers that is reviewing and recommending changes to the voucher program. Delta County Farm Bureau President, Hugh Sanburg sits on the committee.

The committee’s recommendations may include policy, legislative and regulatory changes. However, the committee does not have formal authority to enact changes to the program.

“This is a great opportunity for sportsmen, landowners and other community members to discuss issues affecting the Landowner Voucher Program in eastern Colorado,” said Dave Chadwick, DOW public involvement coordinator. “The members of the committee are working through this process together and are committed to having a constructive discussion and finding ways to improve this program for everyone.”

The informal, open-house format allows participants to drop in anytime during the four-hour meeting to convene with committee members and discuss issues related to the voucher program.

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