Legislative Briefs…

One Week Left

There is one week left in the 2010 legislative session and Colorado Farm Bureau is busy wrapping up work on various bills still moving through the system.  A brief summery of the remaining bills can be found below.

HB 1429 – Legislative Review of Tax Benefits, was defeated on the House floor on Tuesday.  CFB was opposed to the legislation that called for annual review of certain state tax benefits to determine whether or not they should be continued or appealed.  Tax benefits in the bill that directly impact agriculture included the sales and use tax, income tax and the gasoline and special fuel tax.  The business community, oil & gas community and agricultural groups were opposed to the bill due to concerns with the criteria by which the various tax benefits would be judged, who would conduct such study and the overall negative impact to the business economy by hindering efforts to produce business plans.  CFB was especially concerned with the impacts on agricultural producers and felt that this bill would have put Colorado farmers and ranchers at a competitive disadvantage to neighboring states.

HB 1407 – Creation of Range Worker Advisory Council has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.  The hearing will be held on Thursday at 1:30.  Colorado Farm Bureau is opposed to the legislation due to concerns that it has the potential to negatively impact the Federal H-2A program.

HB 1113 – Transfer Ports of Entry to State Patrol was unanimously approved by the Senate Transportation Committee on Tuesday.  HB 1113 designates the Colorado State Patrol as the enforcement and permit authority for Colorado’s ports of entry.  Currently the ports are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Revenue.  Colorado Farm Bureau has been working with the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and other transportation stakeholders in support of this bill.  The bill must be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee before moving to the Senate floor for a final vote.

HB 1188 – Right to Trespass.  The Senate has not yet made appointments to a conference committee on HB 1188 that was requested by the House of Representatives last week.  The conference committee will be charged with trying to come to a compromise between the House version and the Senate version of the bill.  CFB continues to be actively engaged in the discussion and is urging that the bill be tabled and a dialog established this summer.


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