Earth Day News Roundup

One can always count on a holiday like Earth Day to drudge up some interesting commentary. We trolled the internet and compiled a few news items and opinion columns we thought might get your dander up.

Environmentalism as Religion

Paul Rubin – Wall Street Journal
While people have worshipped many things, we may be the first to build shrines to garbage.

For the First Time This Earth Day

Vice President Joe Biden – Huffington Post
We’ve been celebrating Earth Day for 40 years and we’re now poised to make significantly greater strides than ever before because of the unprecedented investment contained in the Recovery Act and the leadership of the President and the Secretary of Energy.

Warm, and Getting Warmer

J. Bradford DeLong – LA Times
New NASA data show just how quickly the climate is changing. What can we do now? It is about time to panic.

What’s the Beef with Climate Change?

David Martosko – The Daily Caller
It’s Earth Day again, which means that it’s another time to unite environmental activists to rally around the green flag and blame seemingly everything technological and productive—from efficient farming to genetically modified crops—for allegedly causing ecological devastation.

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