Farmers Make Record Planting Progress, Slower in Colorado

Last week, corn planting had barely started in the Corn Belt.

Now, almost a fifth of the crop is in the ground overall, and with a warm, dry forecast for the majority of this week, farmers expect making even greater strides toward completion.

As of Sunday, 19% of the corn crop was planted, compared to 3% a week ago. Major strides were made in the heart of the Corn Belt: In Illinois, 34% of the crop is in the ground this week compared to 1% a week ago. Similar progress was made in Iowa, Missouri and Indiana. Still, states like Ohio and Nebraska remain in the single-digits, progress-wise.

In Colorado, drier conditions gave farmers 5 days in the field. Despite higher temps and average moisture little progress was made in planting corn. Last week planting reached 3 percent complete compared with 7 percent last year and 6 percent for the 5-year average. Growers made progress planting sugarbeets last week with 21 percent in the ground by the end of the week.

In the livestock sector, USDA estimates that 81% of Colorado cows were calved out, and 71% of ewes have lambed in the last week. Pasture and range conditions were rated mostly good to fair across the state.

(Image: Noël Zia Lee,elpresidente408 )

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